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March 7, 2003


WHEATLAND (IOWA) Simple. Convenient. Reliable. These words describe F&B Communications’ new VoiceMail system.

A replacement to the answering machine, VoiceMail takes calls when subscribers are on the phone, on the Internet or away from the phone.

“We are pleased to bring this state-of-the-art technology to our customers right here in Eastern Iowa,” Ken Laursen, general manager, said.

Subscribers will hear a stutter dial tone when they have new messages and a message waiting light will flash on specially-equipped phones.

The new system also allows customers to have multiple mailboxes, remote access to messages and password security.

“Since the VoiceMail system is installed at our office in Wheatland, it is reliable,” Laursen said. “You never have to reset the date and time after a power failure.”

Standard with every package is a featured called eForward. When activated, an audio clip of any message recorded in a user’s mailbox is sent via e-mail to the user. This makes it possible to be alerted that there are new messages while a subscriber’s line is busy because he/she is on the Internet.

“VoiceMail is an excellent alternative for Internet users who subscribe to Call Wave,” Aaron Horman, marketing manager, said. “In fact, for some customers VoiceMail is less expensive and serves the same purpose, plus you no longer need an answering machine.”

Voice prompts assist subscribers in accessing messages and setting up their accounts. A web-based interface is also available to give users the ability to customize their mailbox settings and manage messages from an Internet Web browser.

The basic VoiceMail package is $3.95 per month and includes eForward. Enhanced packages are available for business and residential customers with advanced needs.

F&B Communications is the local telecommunications provider offering telephone, cable television, digital broadcast satellite, dial-up Internet, high-speed DSL Internet and wireless PCS services to customers in the Bennett, Calamus, Delmar, Lowden and Wheatland exchanges and surrounding areas.

To learn more about F&B Communications and the new VoiceMail system, visit the company website at http://www.fbc-tele.com.

For more information, contact:
Aaron Horman, Marketing Manager, 563-374-1236


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